Early Help

Our mission is to achieve personal and academic excellence, everyone, every day. We work to ensure all of our children, staff and families are happy, safe and healthy.

For some children, this may mean families need some additional support. Our vision is to help families at the earliest point, enabling them to access the right service or support, at the right time to avoid an issue becoming worse and hard to deal with.

The Early Help involves bringing people together with the right experience and skills to work with families.

We can offer support if:

- You are worried about your child’s health and wellbeing

- You are worried about your child’s behaviour

- You are struggling to cope for any reason

- You are worried about your family finances

- You or your child is struggling to cope with bereavement

- Your child refuses to come to school

- You are having difficulties with family relationships

- You are having difficulties within the school community

- You are worried about your child’s health

There are a variety of ways that we can help within school and to support you in accessing support from outside agencies if this is needed.


Ring and ask to speak to Mrs Walton, who can arrange a cuppa and sit down conversation to see if we can provide any support that can help your family or child.