The Meadows seeks to ensure that all its pupils receive an education which enables them to reach their full potential. There is a strong link between good attendance and increased attainment. Pupils who regularly attend school make much better progress socially and academically. Regular attendance enables pupils to adapt better to routines, schoolwork, and friendship groups.  

We aim to work in partnership with parents and other agencies to ensure that every child can get the best out of the educational opportunities provided.    

By working in partnership with parents and other agencies, we ensure that we have clear and robust strategies in place to manage and promote regular attendance for all students at The Meadows.

We are committed to a whole school approach to attendance and a partnership relationship with parents and carers. 


This attendance overview is supported by our Attendance Policy and is part of broader suite of safeguarding policies meaning it should not be viewed in isolation. Safeguarding policies include the Child Protection Policy  and Behaviour Policy.  


Attendance Matters 

Attending school regularly is important to your child’s achievement, wellbeing and wider development. Being in school every day will help your child to:develop social skills and confidence by making friends and socialising; prepare them for adult life by getting used to a routine and ensure that they get better results, which will improve his or her chances in life. 

By law, all children of compulsory school age must receive a suitable full-time education. Once your child is registered at The Meadows Primary Acadmey, you as the parent or carer, are legally responsible for making sure they attend on a regular basis. 


What Should I do if my Child is Absent from School? 

Contact the school office on the first morning and notify us of the absence and provide a reason. 

If contact is not made with school by the parent or carer, the following procedures will be followed: