Student Leadership


This year, our Prefect Team consists of 13 of our Year 6 pupils, who have shown themselves to be excellent role models of the school and committed to demonstrating the school mission. They work alongside the Senior Leadership Team and support at events within school.  They will also support the learning of other children in different year groups in a variety of ways which we will share with you throughout the year.

Our 2023/2024 Prefects


Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team consists of peer elected Class Ambassadors and is led by our Head Students. Their role is to work with our staff to consider changes that could be made to improve their experience at School. They will be expected to speak on behalf of their class at meetings and share their classes thoughts and opinions. In addition to this, they will work on different projects each term in school. 

Our 2023/24 Junior Leadership Team


Class Buddies

Our Class Buddy Team includes a pupil from each class, who will work with Miss Mooney on creating and maintaining a kind and inclusive school, where all pupils feel safe. They will be taught to be Upstanders, rather than Bystanders, if they support bullying or unkind behaviour is taking place. Class Buddies will explain to their class how they can get help, how they can report unkind or bullying behaviour and feedback on any issues they are concerned about.