IPads - Our Vision for Technology

At The Meadows, we believe that education is preparation for life and we seek to prepare each child to face life beyond the school with confidence. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment, where all children can feel empowered to independently develop their own skills and knowledge, taking risks where necessary in order to raise aspirations.

We have identified technology as a key tool to enhance learning and support in unlocking our children’s potential. The use of iPads and technology allows all learners at The Meadows to stay connected, collaborate with others and get creative in their learning journey. Every child in KS2 has their own iPad that stays with them through their journey in KS2.

Key Apps:

The children use Microsoft Teams to access work and upload work for feedback. 

Spelling Shed is an app that helps the children to practise the curriculum spellings through fun, interactive games which is based on letter and sound patterns.

Kahoot is a quizzing platform that helps children to retrieve knowledge that has been previously taught.


Scratch is used as part of our Computing Programming curriculum. Children will learn to code and produce algorithms