Bereavement support

If you have suffered a bereavement and feel that school can support, please do contact us.


Here are some websites which also may help

 Grief Support
 NHS bereavement support
 Winston’s Wish


The following offer a counselling service - sessions can be delivered at school

Bereavement Counselling and Support | The Dove Service

Books to support Bereavement:

  • Dogger – gentle intro to discussion for very young children
  • Badger’s Parting Gifts by Susan Varley (particularly useful if an older person has died).
  • Michael Rosen’s Sad Book
  • Tattybogle by Sandra Ann Horn
  • Muddles, Puddles & Sunshine by Winstons Wish – is an activity book.
  • Vicky Angel by Jaqueline Wilson (a friend’s death,  for older children)