Reading for Pleasure

At The Meadows we believe that reading should be a fundamental part of childhood and a skill which should be developed to support lifelong learning.

Our aim is to develop and embed a strong, sustainable reading culture within the school community.  Confident and competent readers will foster a love of reading through a rich and varied experience of texts, in which they are empowered to exercise freedoms of choice and independence.


Inspiring children to read is their fundamental right.  It underpins all learning and secures a good trajectory for personal development and an understanding the world in which they live.



Story Time

Story time is a prized part of our school day. Every year group has story time at least 4 times a week. Choosing books from our carefully designed Reading Spine, teachers share their own enjoyment of high-quality texts with the children in their class or from across school and effectively model expert reading.


Our Reading spine is designed to support Reading for Pleasure and Diversity. 


Reading for Pleasure Spine

This spine has a range of themed books which supports our curriculum. We would like all children to develop a love of reading and understand which books they like to read and why they like to read them. All of the books are linked to one of our school values: Resilience, Respect, Team Work, Aspiration, Curiousity and Kindness. 


Diversity Spine

This spine contains a variety of high-quality books which we would like to read with your class at least three times a week. These stories promote enjoyment, diversity and our school values.

Our Reading Spine


Home reading 

Each week, children bring home books to share and read with an adult. This will include, when appropriate, a book at their phonics level or a 'book-banded level' and also a book of their choice. We hope all parents and carers will spend time reading with and talking to their child about what they read and help them to use their reading records to note their enjoyment of reading. 

Children should read 3 times a week at home. If they do this, they will receive 1 tick per week. If they receive 6 ticks = Certificate, 12 ticks = Badge, 18 ticks = Bookmark, 24 ticks =Wristband, 30 ticks = Book and 36 ticks = raffle ticket.