Families Team

Life can be confusing and troubling at times for children, as well as parents and extended family. This in turn can affect how children learn and behave in school. Sometimes it helps to have someone you can trust to talk to, someone who will support and listen to you and help you to work things out. That's what we hope we can offer the pupils and families who attend The Meadows Primary Academy , as well as lots of fun, laughter and play!

What can we offer

Our family team strive to find ways to engage all our pupils, building trust and better communication between school and families. We hope you will find us friendly and approachable so that if you are worried about your child or a difficult situation in your family you can contact us for support. 

Meet the Team

Mrs Walton

Safeguarding Co-ordinator & Deputy DSL

Mrs Clark


Mrs Wheeldon

Safeguarding Team Office Manager & Deputy DSL

Miss Deakin

Assistant SENCO

Miss Machin

Behaviour Intervention Lead

Mr Rawlinson

Learning Mentor